Permanent Sales Post!

Hi! Welcome to my Sales Post!


Sales permission granted by areica96 on 12/4/2016

All PKMNcCollectors community rules apply


  • I ship from the USA.

  • I currently do not ship internationally

  • Items are from a smoke free home

  • Items come from a house with cats, so keep this in mind if you are allergic

  • I ship with the USPS

  • I use bubble mailers for small items and flats, and boxes for larger orders. If you have any specific way you’d like your item packed, let me know and I will try to accommodate

  • I ship items once or twice a week


  • Prices listed are in USD not including shipping fees

  • Paypal only please

  • Please include your username, and what you bought in your payment

  • I can hold items for 24 hours if you’re committed to them

  • Here’s my community feedback page:


-(TFG Figures)-


-(Pokemon kids)-

Turtwig w/sticker- $5
Lucario w/ box and sticker-$6
Dialga w/ box and sticker-$6

-(Jakks figures)-

-Turtwig- $5
-Torterra (missing base)-$4
-Weavile marble-$3
-Croagunk mable-$3
SOLD: Charizard and Munchlax

-(Hasbro 10th anniversary figures)-

$5 each


-Jakks Wobbuffet w/tag- $6
-Jakks talking Turtwig $8
-Jakks Piplup- $5
-Small Turtwig- $5

Freebies! (1 with each purchase)

Tags that came with shoes I got as a kid, They're printed on both sides with different pokemon.
( 2x Bulbasaur/Pikachu, 1 Blastoise/Mewtwo)

TFG rulebook
                              TFG cards:( X Accuracy, 2x Max Revive, 2x Switch, x3 X Attack)


TCG Mini Packs!

My local dollar store (Dollar Tree) finally started carrying the mini tcg packs. These are mini packs that contain 3 cards. I believe the XY, Phantom Forces, and Furious Fists expansions also have these, but I haven't seen them. Anyways, I decided to get a whole bunch, first of all because I collect TCG wrappers, and secondly beause I was curious what was in them.

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Minicot Ahoy!

I finally got this guy! Minicots are not the easiest of merch to track down, jesus. Thank goodness for the pkmncollectors community or it would have been a lot tougher.


Charizard Y Promo Figure

Charizard isn't a Pokemon I like all that much,and most Mega evolutions aren't to exciting to me, but I love the design of Mega Charizard Y! The sculpting and pose of this fig is amazing. I couldn't resist!

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